How do we differ from the competition?


  • …have daily Rx and Sundries orders through our wholesaler, which means we’re almost never out of a medication.
  • …have text-messaging to alert customers when a pharmacy prescription is ready for pick-up
  • …offer bubble-pack medications if requested.
  • …accept almost all third party insurance plans with little to no wait for filling prescriptions.
  • …have a preferred customer discount plan for those without an insurance plan.
  • …have the Largest selection of First Aid Bandaging And Orthotic Bracing in town.
  • …are easily accessible with plenty of free parking
  • …are not behind glass — Patients can walk directly to the counter & talk with Pharmacy staff anytime.
  • …offer free in-town delivery.
  • …have trained personnel to fit patients in need of braces & compression stockings.
  • …are open 7 days a week.